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Cutting Edge Diversity Recruiting Strategies (4515 hits)

Anyone who’s paying attention has learned by now that there are innumerable advantages to be found in fostering a more positive environment toward diversity in the workplace. Diversity recruiting is the strategy used to create a well-rounded workforce that maximizes these benefits. What are some of the diversity recruitment best practices that can help you better succeed when it comes to minority recruitment within your organization?

1. Minority Student Populations
The first place to start when it comes to finding a rich and varied pool of applicants is to look at colleges and universities that have statistically significant minority student populations, and initiating a lasting relationship with them. These include historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), tribal colleges, women’s colleges and Hispanic-serving institutions (HSIs) among others. While true diversity recruiting is about far more than just meeting a minority quota, there’s no denying that incorporating more minority voices into your workplace will create a deeper level of contribution.

2. Online Recruiting
People invariably turn toward online resources for almost everything these days, and that includes minority recruitment. Companies can adapt existing online practices to specifically welcome minorities, as well as join with a more diverse online community to establish a pipeline for the future. This helps spread the word about your mission to develop a more culturally enlightened workplace and encourages minorities to apply with your organization.

3. In-Person Events
Networking is an important part of any successful recruiting strategy, and this includes extending those efforts into real life as well as online. Planning physical meet-and-greets, staking a claim at career fairs or scheduling other in-person events will go a long way toward establishing you as a known entity within the diversity recruitment community. Again, it’s important to encourage your reputation for welcoming minorities as part of your team; word-of-mouth remains one of the most compelling endorsements any company can ask for.

Gaining the Edge
Diversity recruiting offers businesses a tremendous number of benefits, including increased adaptability, improved business image, and higher levels of creativity. All of these combined give more diverse workforces a clear competitive edge over staunch traditionalists. Additionally, workplace diversity increases employee loyalty as well as client satisfaction. By using cutting edge diversity recruiting strategies, you’ll better position your organization as a welcoming environment for workers of all lifestyles, backgrounds, races and religions for a workforce that truly stands out from the crowd.
Posted By: Stacie Coulter
Friday, January 9th 2015 at 3:35PM
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