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How Does Workforce Diversity Give My Company a Competitive Edge? (10020 hits)

All too often, diversity recruiting is associated with filling a quota according to regulatory guidelines. In reality, minority recruitment is about much more than that. The motivations aren’t about checking certain boxes off a list. Instead, they’re about strengthening your workforce and allowing you to perform better as a company. By embracing diversity in the workplace, organizations give themselves a competitive edge that helps them better succeed in an increasingly multicultural workforce.
A Truly Global Economy:
The phrase “global economy” is one that gets tossed around quite a bit, but not many people really stop to think about what it means. Today’s business world has become truly global; even small businesses are working with overseas clients from different backgrounds, religions, lifestyles and cultural practices. A company that’s already familiar with honoring these differences due to its hiring practices is far better prepared to offer superior service to a more diverse clientele.
Employee Loyalty:
African American, Latino, Asian, LGBT, women, disabled persons and other minority groups often feel like outsiders in a traditional work environment. In real life, people rarely fit into a rigid 9-5 structure and the mindset that goes along with it. A company that recognizes the need for all walks of life will be rewarded with more motivated workers who have a greater sense of loyalty to their employers. There’s a huge difference between working in an environment that is respectful of your individuality compared to one where simply being yourself counts against you.
Comprehensive Skillset:
Imagine an office where the majority of workers come from similar backgrounds, attended similar colleges and hold similar degrees. While this may be sufficient for simply maintaining the status quo, where will the great ideas and outside-the-box innovation come from? What forces will serve as a catalyst for future growth? Now compare this image with a more culturally diverse workplace, where active minority recruitment has successfully built a team that represents a variety of thought patterns, habits, education and life experience. Which team is better prepared for responding to the unexpected and helping your company evolve in new directions? The answer is clear: diversity is a far better contributor to a more agile workforce.
Gaining the Competitive Edge:
There’s simply no question that diversity recruiting leads to a more comprehensive skillset among your team, which in turn gives your company the competitive edge it needs to continue thriving for years to come. Now, more than ever, it’s critical for organizations to think in broader terms and connect positively with a wide range of clients, and diversity recruiting is the primary tool that can your company meet those essential goals.

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Posted By: Stacie Coulter
Friday, January 9th 2015 at 3:56PM
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